Your Team Up Close

Your Team Up Close

Music Manager

Your manager is the most important person on your team. This person can push your career into overdrive, or they can hold you back at the starting blocks. For this reason, it’s vital you get the right person for the job. As already mentioned, in your early career your manager may be someone you already know, but this situation might not go on for long. Your manager needs to be able to make some big business decisions on your behalf, they need to promote you, protect you, cut deals for you, introduce you to contacts, and generally have your back out there. If you don’t have a strong and hard working manager, you could actually be worse off than if you had no manager at all.


Business Manager

Don’t confuse your personal manager with your business manager. Your business manager is the person you need to deal with the money side of things. Many artists get into sticky financial situations by allowing their personal manager to take on this role too, and many artists have been stung financially in this way. Your business manager is going to pay the bills, collect what you are owed, deal with your tax returns, and make sure your money is working for you. It’s vital that you make sure you get a good one with experience and not one who’s going to fleece you.


Lawyer (Solicitor UK)

This is the person many artists will think they can do without, and you may be able to for a while, but there will come a time when you need someone on your side who knows how the law works. If you’re presented with a contract, don’t just trust your manager to take a look at it, have it inspected by a lawyer. And should you ever face the prospect of going to court over something, you know who you need in your corner.



Whether you need an agent or not depends on the roles your manager is taking on and where you are in your career. An agent doesn’t get involved in what you do creatively, but they do arrange live shows, tours, and deal with any sponsorship. If you have a great manager who is covering these areas, you may not need an agent just yet, but as your brand grows, an agent is a person who can expand your career even further.



Ok, you know you need these people, and hopefully, you already have some, but it‘s worth thinking about how you are going to expand your fan base and grow your team of supporters. Social media makes this much easier now, but you still need to connect with potential fans on a personal level. This could mean hanging around after shows to talk to people and sign stuff, giving a personal reply to messages, doing appearances at small events, and generally making yourself available for the most important people in your team. Without your fans you don’t have a career, so treat them well.

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