Your Team On Tour

Touring is an important part of your career and it’s how most artists will begin their careers. Once you have a team around you, your experience of being on tour will change a little. So, let’s take a look at what your team will be doing for you when you tour.




Your manager is the one who can make all this happen. This person is basically in charge of your tour and they will supervise and organise where you stay while you’re on tour, how you’ll get from one place to another, make sure you are rehearsing, deal with promoters, make sure the tour is being marketed and advertised, put together interviews and fan meet and greets, and collect the money for the shows you do.




Your agent is the person who actually books your tour. It might sound like your agent and your manager are doing the same job, but they work together and in conjunction to make this the best experience for everyone. Your agent will organise your itinerary, set the price of your tickets – this is important as many bands price themselves out of the range of their fans and although agents often think raking it in while you can is a good approach, this can actually mean your touring career is shorter if people won’t fork out to see you – put your tickets on sale, and make sure that the tour you are undertaking fits with your image – also important especially if you playing as the support act, does the headliner fit with you?




Promoters are the people who book you for the venue. They were traditionally based in the town you would be performing in, but this is now all done online. The prompter will book the venue and they are then responsible for paying the venue, which means if your tickets don’t sell they are out of pocket. Although promoters are now big business and can cover wide ground by operating online, many venues have realised that they can cut out the promoter and book bands directly. You can often get a much better deal by dealing directly with the venue, but there’s no doubt that big name promoters like Live Nation will get your gig seen by many more potential fans.


Tour manager


Depending on where you are at in your career you may also have a tour manager, if not your personal manager will be covering this job. A tour manager will be your babysitter while you’re on tour. They will make sure you get on the tour bus and get off it again at the other end. They will make sure your travel tickets are booked and that security is working as it should. They may also be the ones who collect money and make sure it goes to the right place, again, depending on how big you are your personal manger may do this or you might even have a tour accountant to do this!

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