How to build an artist management team

How to build an artist management team

Who do you need?

Artists are creative beings whose primary need is to produce something they are proud of but to be a successful artist you can’t do it on your own. You need good dependable people you trust around you. Not all artists will work with the same kind of team, but all successful artists do have a team of some sort. So, who do you need on your team? It may vary from artist to artist, but on the whole here’s who you need by your side.

A manager.


Business manager




Why do you need them?

Right from the start, you should treat what you are doing as a business. This can be the hardest thing for artists to get their head around, and the business side of things doesn’t come easy to most creative people, but if you start off with this at the forefront of what you are doing, you stand a better chance of success. Accept that you will need help to get you to where you want to be. Your music may be great, but talent alone won’t be enough. You need professionals, people who believe in you, and those who understand the business inside out. You need support.


How do you find them?

The first thing you need to do is the part you love the most. Make some music. You can’t expect anyone to buy into your career if they don’t know what it sounds like. You’re most likely already doing this anyway, but make sure what you have is something you’re proud of, something you want the world to hear. Put it out there and start building your all-important fan base. From this small platform, the first person you need alongside you is a manager. You may attract a manager from your growing online presence, but for many fledgeling artists, the manager is someone you already know. This is fine, to begin with, but unless this person has experience of this role, you’ll have to face the possibility of out-growing them further down the line. The best way for beginner artists to connect with the people they need is to go and find them. Social media has opened this up and the world is a much smaller place now, so find managers, fans, agents and other music business people, and connect with them. Put your music in front of them, don’t badger them or hassle them, but politely ask them to give your music a listen. Yes, they will receive hundreds of such requests per day, but it only takes one of them to connect with what you’re doing, and you have an allay.


Be Selective

While you don’t hold all the cards yet, you still need to be careful about who you allow into your inner circle. There are plenty of unscrupulous people out there looking for the next wannabe star to scam. Do your research before you take the next step with any possible professionals. Check their track record and who else they work with. Remember, you do need a team, but make sure it’s a team who have your back. 

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